Candid Photography


Candid Photography is not a “click and done the job” it is all about capturing the impression of a truly spontaneous moment of life. It’s good to remember that the notion of the candid portrait creates an impression of the wedding.

Candid Videography


Candid Wedding Videography captures the soul beyond the timelessness of your wedding moment. This videography captures your modern way of showing your fairy-tale wedding, which you can pass on to your son, daughter, or beyond everyone.

Cinematic Videography


We are a team of hardworking and creative Cinematic Videographers in Chennai specialized in a different genre of cinematic concepts for your wedding. Seeing the output produced by Impressedeventz, the best cinematic videographers in Chennai – makes it worth last a lifetime.

Why us?

We are the most renowned professional  wedding photographers in Chennai to bring out the best candid moments of your wedding to register it in your wedding album. When it comes to your big day, rely on the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai to make your memories last forever

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Why us?

Chennai’s top wedding Videographers.

Photography is our art and we turn the art into passion by capturing intricate details of events of celebrations recorded in print. Our portrait photographers offer various suggestions, props, and expressions to make the shoot very interactive and lively draw inspiration squeeze into the best angle for the shot.

A Wide Range of Services we offer

We were delighted with the work which we have done from the first moment to pass a good feel with our clients. We have covered weddings at both ends of the scale from 15,000 guests to weddings with under 10 guests for their events. We have expanded our Photography service prolifically, our portfolio, and our young team strength photographers to the sheer joy of the perfect frame. We love the art, the science, the technology to capture the people’s best moment in their life!

Our secret lies in the passion of our cameraman in focusing the expressions on people’s faces at every celebration. Each celebration is precious and deserves to be recorded in one snap for a timeless look. Each event in our life is a memorable occasion come alive as you review the photographs in the day to com

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Wedding Photography

The Impressedeventz photography profession provides the best wedding photography in the Chennai album, which covers not just weddings but also the emotions behind every moment. We will catch the sparkles in your eyes, your touches, smiles, and tears on the reel so that we can relive the moment from anywhere and at any time in the future. Nowadays wedding photography where all the must-do events on marriage.

Candid Photography

Our team of experts with young minds runs around to capture the natural beauty of people without asking them to pose. We will click your beautiful instances in the way it will stay forever for your grandchildren to admire and wonder how beautiful you and your better half had been. If you are looking for pocket-friendly wedding photographers who understand the value of your money with tremendous services to everyone.

Drone Videography

Capturing the ariel view via drone is an art. drone visuals of chennai, drone pilot in chennai, ppv drone pilots in chennai are our trademark way of driving. We are entitled to be best drone pilots in india. Hiring drone pilots in india can be done by contacting us.

Candid Videography

Our candid videographers capture all the love and emotion of your wedding day with an exceptional bespoke approach to preserve your precious memories in a natural style. Weddings are a classic treasure where two families unite together to form one big family.

Live Streaming

Naturally, we have our guest on hand, face-to-face to celebrate your wedding day along with your family. But if your guests just can’t pull it off, we help you with a new technology called Live streaming photography on your wedding day. This is not a home video equipment! This is a broadcast video done with professional video and audio equipment that you can able to download into your computer and watch it over and over.

Honeymoon Shoot

Honeymoon photography is all about wrapping up in the arms of each other and discover the path of wedded bliss and understand each other. A newly-wedded couple is more eager to break the tone set of life’s new beginning. Our romantic honeymoon photography service capture’s couples’ romantic memories that keep the spark of their love alive when they reminisce.